Monday, May 9, 2011

Thinking of using offsite storage services?

If you are a manufacturer, or any business that has a need to warehouse and storage products then you may have considered outsourcing as an alternative to keeping the product in your own building. So, what are the costs that go into using a 3rd party warehouse for this service that you should be aware of.

Storage Costs (of course), which are typically charged by the month and on a per pallet or square foot basis.

In/ Out Charges are the handling charges for physically unloading the product off the trucks and putting them away in the warehouse, and then loading them on trucks again when they leave the facility.

Paperwork Fees are the cost for preparing shipping paperwork like the Bill of Lading Form.

Pallet Preparation Fees can include the cost of adding shrink wrap, re-palletizing boxes, or other labor costs involved in getting pallets ready to ship out of the warehouse.


Ken Kowal is Director of New Business Development for Landis Logistics and, serving online retailers and manufacturers with order fulfillment and warehousing services in the PA, NJ, and NY area.