Thursday, May 27, 2010

A new type of TMS (Transportation Management System)

May 21, 2010 – announces plans for the July 2010 launch of its innovative new online transportation management system (TMS). Its TMS 2.0 – an easyTMS solution in the cloud.

The simple application represents a new way for companies to manage and control their logistics process from start to finish. Each module within the system is designed to save time, protect information, control costs and improve decision making for the logistics professionals in that organization.

easyTMS – Organized, secure carrier contract management with Tools for Carrier Selection, Route Optimization, Load Tendering, and Invoice Audit is what is does. Just as importantly, easyTMS provides services in a SaaS, or on-demand environment making implementation and upkeep simpler for users and per user costs a fractional of traditional TMS systems.

Ship Assist – Resolve disputes over Detention and other accessorials before they happen. With Ship Assist, all carriers delivering or picking up shipments from your facility sign off on the procedures at your shipping dock via a customized online webpage – creating a clear understanding of the rules and preventing future disputes.

Routing Guide – Reduce your headaches and transportation costs at the same time by improving compliance to your company’s Routing Guide. This on-line tool provides a simple, clean process for updating and distributing your Routing Guide.

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